About Us

Our whole team from the manufacturers to distribution has over 45 Years of experience in producing woven, Polypropylene bags. Our mission is to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers.

The Vision

Our first priority is quality and strength, cost follows shortly afterward. Being wholesalers of high-quality woven Polypropylene bags, allows us to bypass any of the traditional costs involved and create a better customer experience with cheaper prices and better quality.

Contact Us

Address: crn Serenade & Bester Street, Henville, Johannesburg, 1429
Phone: +27 (11) 780 8080
Email: info@tupelostep.com

Video Tour of our Warehouse

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9271 +
Clients served
15 +
Bag types
99 %
Quality assured
10 +
Years experience